The Love Clinic Segment with Adeyemi – What does love really mean?

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December 7, 2017
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December 16, 2017
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The Love Clinic Segment with Adeyemi – What does love really mean?

Hi Fans,

Today on #TheLoveClinicSegment we will be treating – “What does love really mean?”

So, tell me what does love really mean to you, to me I will say love include a feeling for other that goes beyond any selfishness or self-interest on the part of loved one, love nurtures and have a positive effect on each other self-esteem and sense of reality. love never involved deception because love does not mislead anybody fracture or sense of reality.

Most often we think of love as an almost passive state of being opposed to a conscious choice we make , when we regard love as something we simply fall into, we can easy slip into routine with the  person we value or lose a sense of separation with the person.
Some even go far to create a fantasy bond “an illusion in which real feeling fondness are replace by the form of being in a relationship.


Love is not an act of manipulation and it is not a mark of ownership over another person but the exact opposite, it is a genuine of a person as a separate individual. When will see a person that way we allow ourselves to fully value them for who they are and for the happiness they bring to our life, we are driven to be kind toward them to show compassion and kindness in a way the outside world would feel as loving.

That my own understanding about love, feel free to post your comment or ask questions, till we meet again next week “STAY WARM & DON’T TAKE CHRIST OUT OF CHRISTMAS, BECAUSE HE’S THE REASON FOR THE SEASON”.


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  1. Bukola says:

    I love this, Well done Adeyemi.

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