The Kids Holistic Development Segment with Adeloye Oluyemi – Preventing Kids From Sexual Assault

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The Kids Holistic Development Segment with Adeloye Oluyemi – Preventing Kids From Sexual Assault

Hi Everyone, its the #TheKidsHolisticDevelopment on The Teens Network Daytime Show. Today’s topic is “Preventing Kids From Sexual Assault.” My name is Adeloye Oluyemi.

Child sexual abuse or child molestation is a form of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation.

The sexual abusers may be family friends, neighbors or babysitters. About one-third of abusers are related to the child. Sexual abuse can happen to children of any race, socioeconomic group, religion or culture.

There is no foolproof way to protect children from sexual abuse, but there are steps you can take to reduce this risk. If something happens to your child, remember that the perpetrator is to blame—not you and especially not the child. Below you’ll find some precautions you can take to help protect your child(ren).

Encourage Your Kids To Talk To You About Their Day. Kids cannot be expected to understand when it is okay to say “no” to or run away from an adult. This would be too confusing.

Instead, build trust by regularly talking to them about their day. Make them feel comfortable raising any topic. Then, if your kids report any unacceptable behavior by others to you, it is your responsibility to take action. Look For “Red Flags.”

Sex offenders often “groom” parents & children to gain their trust.
They can be very slick and fool you into thinking they are trustworthy, but there is always a “red flag” that is just a little bit unusual. For instance, if an adult has many toys and video games in his or her house & several local kids go there every day, this is a possible red flag. If he or she doesn’t have any adult friends, this is a bigger red flag. Check this person out. Have a chat with him or her, if possible.

Know Where Your Children Are & Who They Are With At All Times. Know your children’s friends & their parents. Make sure they are reliable before you allow your child to spend time at their house.

There should always be more than one adult with any group of kids. Offer to chaperone activities for kids. Get to know other chaperones well. Adults should confront any suspicious activity of another adult. It’s difficult, but these things need to be discussed openly. Secrecy & difficulty talking about these topics are a sex offender’s best friends.
Teach Kids That The Danger May Come From Someone They Trust. Tell your kids, “Bad touch is bad touch & no one gets to do it to our bodies.

“If anyone does bad touch, you go to a grown up for help.
Tell your kids, “When you are not sure about whether something a grown up is doing is okay, ask another grown up to help you.” Find Therapy For Victims. All victims of sexual abuse should have easy access to therapy.

Abuse is not usually as obvious as broken bones or bruises. Adults should be knowledgeable about the signs that kids need counselling. These signs might be significant changes in sleeping, eating, mood, or strange behavior that does not quickly go away.
If you suspect that your kids have been abused, you need to contact the Police or Department of Social Services in the country you live. These departments will investigate the alleged abuse and take the proper action. Citizens should not conduct their own investigations. We must continue to research Prevention, Assessment, and Effective Treatment of victims and offenders.

Those treating victims and sex offenders must be appropriately trained in the most up-to-date methods, only then will there be “NO MORE VICTIMS” and there will be quick recovery for survivors.

Till we meet nextweek Saturday for the next #TheKidsEdition. Show that you care. Have a great weekend! – @OfficialOluyemi.

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