#MilazDiary – “Rhymes or not…”

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December 11, 2017
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December 16, 2017
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#MilazDiary – “Rhymes or not…”

“Rhymes or not…”, She smiled, her eyes glued to the elated audience, all standing to applaud her. Some whistling, others smiling and commending her amazingly delivered speech.

“The only way to start something is to start it, it doesn’t have to be PERFECT, it just have to be YOUR BEST”. Those words tore down that wall of resistance that had kept me away for so long.

Her pretty face was just a bonus to her rhythmic voice, an embodiment of truth, and for the rest of the summit, I turned often to stare at her… pondering on those last words. The effect it had on me… completely ecstatic.

I want to start all over, rhymes or not, and I pray that you keep believing in me.

Good Morning and have a wonderful weekend.

Written by Osaro MARIAN

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