#MilazDiary – “Dream on!”

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December 16, 2017
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December 19, 2017
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#MilazDiary – “Dream on!”

“Dream on!”, the echoes made me shiver as the flashes from my past dreams came flooding back in vivid pictures before me. My colleague smiled sheepishly at me, grateful i made it my business to drag down almost everyone i knew to the summit. According to her, the speaker’s words were just what she needed.

“I’m sure you’re planning something big!”, she said with excitement. My mind did a triple take and the word “big” echoed more times than the word “money” did.

I was scared to dream.

Scared to start, and by “start” i mean ending the nursery recitation of how you’ll “blow”, while still playing dead the whole time.

So, there i was, afraid to think of how to get rid of those fears. The possibilities of how I’ll fall five (5) times and how long it will take to stand up the sixth time.

That fear.

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