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December 5, 2017
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Distant Scars

“It’s been five years now, you should come home you know. Your grumpy old man is less grumpy these days. All he does is tend to his little garden all day, and spend the rest hours sitting on his relax chair outside the house, counting each seconds of your absence. I’m afraid he will loose his mind…”, Leah’s whimpers broke free from the TAM, just as the gentle afternoon breeze flowed in to ease the huge drops of sweat that had already taken forms all over my face.

“I’m home!”, my silence screamed, causing tears to trickle down my face, as the horrors from my past scurried back in vivid flashes before me.

“I’m leaving”, i heard dad say…again. He couldn’t live with mom, not anymore, and he couldn’t leave without me, so together with his, he packed my baggage, amidst mom’s sobs and incessant pleas, and dragged me alongside him. Faraway from home. From mom.

“It was all my mistake”, he had said. One which had ended up killing her. “Mom…”, fresh pains launched at my heart as i remembered her being lowered into the earth. Depression…then suicide.

“If only i was here! If only i didn’t leave too…”. my words stabbed at my heart a millionth time.

“…please…”, and every sound faded

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