Dedayo Adeloye recounts to TEMITOPE OJO his journey into fashion and muses on future aspirations -“The Niche Magazine”

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December 5, 2017
December 7, 2017
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Dedayo Adeloye recounts to TEMITOPE OJO his journey into fashion and muses on future aspirations -“The Niche Magazine”

Drawing drew Dedayo to fashion

Teens talk show host, Dedayo Adeloye, a couturier and lifestyle photographer recounts to TEMITOPE OJO his journey into fashion and muses on future aspirations.


Venture and motivation

My personal motivations for getting into fashion as a young boy were mainly my love for drawing and the fact that I really love clothes. I also need to give credit to my mom because she was the one who introduced me to the amazing world of fashion even though I never wanted to go into it in the first place. I started last year, after I won the Best Creative Fashion Designer of the Year (Powered by the Youth Economic Empowerment Summit YESS 2015) of CLAM.


Before the rain

A few months before I won the award, I was working with the late Chaz Bruce Chukuma (popularly known as Chaz B of Sharing Life Issues with Chaz B on Rhythm FM 93.7)

I wasn’t thinking of going into fashion industry at all, because I had a teens television project, which I came up with and Chaz B was working closely with me on the project. Unfortunately, he died.

After his death, what I still had in mind was how to conclude the paperwork of the project. I finally did and looked out for sponsors, but I wasn’t able to get any.

Then I realized that God must have been looking at me and wondering why I was running from pillar to post when he had other plans for me.

Before then, my mom had insisted I learn tailoring. But I just couldn’t imagine me learning how to sew in a local shop on the street.

I finally met Ifedayo Oluseye, a friend, who brought me to to CLAM Teens of Dominion. Since I joined the church, my life has not remained the same. God answered my prayer when the youths organized an empowerment summit.

After two weeks, I launched my clothing line, Right now, I’m proud to tell you that am a couturier and I’m beginning to do well with my brand. However, I’m still working on how to get my TV/Radio project started. I hope it’s going to be soon.


Brand Name

My brand name is “My-Couture Speaks Clothing Apparel” and the slogan for my brand is “a brand that embodies culture”.


Experience so far

It’s been a great experience since I participated in the summit organized by the youth of Christ Living Apostolic Ministries (CLAM). I’m talking about YESS2015.

It helped me to think of what kind of designer I wanted to become because I’ve been taught that must tailors out there, maybe on the roadside, are not sincere with their clients most of the time and it has caused them to lose valuable clients.

I choose to be different; I’m a couturier who keeps to time. If there’s any delay, I’ll surely communicate that to the clients and say what the exact problem is. Of course, I know sometimes it’s a challenge to meet deadlines due to unstable power supply but I always try my very best to be that couturier one can trust all the time.


Target clients

My target patronages are the youths and teenagers


Business constraints

As a little young man, my number one constraint for now is getting to but certain fabrics in bulk so as to save more cash and still have leftover fabrics for clients – so that when the materials are out of stock in the market, I can still have some for clients. I get a lot of calls to design a waistcoat, using the same fabric they saw me use for other clients, Sometimes, it’s impossible because it’s wither the fabric is out of stock or the price has increased.


Effects of readymade waistcoats on locally produced ones

They are affecting us a great deal because a lot of people prefer to just get their wears off the stores without going through the hassle of using a local designer.

This is because in the past, many local designers messed up fabrics by not getting the styles right. Ready made designers are sometimes more creative in their thinking too, But things are changing. We get patronage now. People are beginning to realise that there are exceptional designers out there and once they patronise us, they get stuck.


Five years from now

In the next five years, I see myself as the number one teens fashion couturier in Nigeria alongside hosting my own teen’s daytime talk show. I hope to use this same platform to touch many lived, reaching out to teens out there who wants a better life.


What style means to you?

The word style, to me, means self-expression and it speaks more of the person. Tour style tells people who you are.

Mentors apart from your mom. I love Lanre Da Silva Ajayi’s works. I can’t wait to meet her one-on-one.


What you are most comfortable wearing

Well, I’m most comfortable when I create things for myself.


Advice to teenagers who shun hard work for shady deals

They don’t have to go that way to make money because everybody had their own God-given talent. All they have to do is take time to discover it. No one is born without a gift. You just have to identify it, work and develop it as well. You also need perseverance, someday; your gift will pay your bills.

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