August 18, 2019
It all started in January 2016. 

Pioneered by Dedayo Adeloye, The Teens Network Daytime Show is a variety weekend morning radio program hosted by Dedayo Adeloye, and his cast includes Lhola Adebanjo and Osaro Marian.

The show is an educational platform built to realign mindset, make big impact and to consistently give back to the younger generations.

The Teens Network Daytime Show is built for everyday teens doing something extraordinary to benefit others, teens who are taking the challenges they are facing & turning it into a way to help other people, however the show is yet to be originally syndicated through the Radio/TV from the Centre State of Excellence, Lagos, Nigeria. The Show was first launched on January 25, 2016.


Our Love for the community of “The Teens Network Nation” is to see it progressing with the right mindset of giving back to younger generations, so we are here to create a world where dreams are still possible and actualization is still a reality.


Our dream for this platform, is to become a global gateway media/broadcasting internship platform to give a voice to the younger generation, thus, serving as a medium through which talented Teens can be raised to work in media houses without being molested in any way before they being given roles/jobs in the media industry – “Today’s CNN of our generation.” 
  • The platform features successful business men and women from our diverse socio-ethnic and religious group who will come to inspire, enlighten and motivate the teens who will be our viewers all around the country.
  • The platform also features segments where teens (young entrepreneurs) around the world will be featured as to what they do and how they are becoming successful at what they do. This will encourage and inspire other teens around the country to engage their minds in growing their skills, talents and craftsmanship.